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Welcome to the all new Chico Church Online Community devoted to our loyal followers.

Members of the congregation will be able to let their voices be heard online.

Returning Members

June 30, 2012Posted by Reverend Mark


If you had regestered on this site previously we are sad to inform you that your account is no more. The membership management service we used is no longer being provided by Google. Once the new membership system is in place and fully functional instructions will be made available for creating new accounts.

Chico Church Directory

November 10, 2010Posted by Chico Church


An online directory is now available. If your Church has a web presence then you might want to consider having your site listed in our directory.

Chico Church

May 10, 2008Posted by Chico Church


The first Christians were, like Jesus, Jews resident in Israel who worshiped on occasion in the Temple in Jerusalem and weekly in local synagogues. Temple worship was a ritual involving sacrifice, occasionally including the sacrifice of animals in atonement for sin, offered to Yahweh until Jesus became the final sacrificial offering on Calvary. The New Testament includes many references to Jesus visiting the Temple, the first time as an infant with his parents. The early history of the synagogue is obscure, but it seems to be an institution developed for public Jewish worship during the Babylonian captivity when the Jews did not have access to the Jerusalem Temple for ritual sacrifice. Instead, they developed a daily and weekly service of readings from the Torah or the prophets followed by commentary. This could be carried out in a house if the attendance was small enough, and in many towns of the Diaspora that was the case. In others, more elaborate architectural settings developed, sometimes by converting a house and sometimes by converting a previously public building. The minimum requirements seem to have been a meeting room with adequate seating, a case for the Torah scrolls, and a raised platform for the reader and preacher.